Tuesday, 15 June 2010

On A Bag Hunt


 I love bags and I try to make my own when I get chance but lately I am so tempted to treat myself to one made by someone else. Here are some of my choices. Above the Auvenier XL bag iragranteco

 The Elessa in light blue jean by milloo

 Here comes the bride by out of africa

 Or this dazzling purse by dazzling lanna .  
I have already received some lovely goodies from Etsy this week, I bought some mineral make up goodies from orglamix which are great and  I was lucky enough to win something from Sarah Culleton's gorgeous etsy shop. Being a cat lover I chose this cute purse and it arrived today! It may just be too nice to use. Thanks Sarah!


And on a completely different note... for any migraine sufferers out there... last night I felt a headache brewing and I was pretty fed up as they have been lasting up to a week lately and really hindering me going about my business. By this afternoon I had had enough and did even more research on natural remedies. I read that drinking a glass of water very slowly with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of cayanne pepper mixed in could help. I managed half a teaspoon and it burned my lips and made me feel sick for a while so I lay down and waited for it to wear off. Amazingly,  my headache wore off too and I'm feeling almost normal a few hours later. It could be a fluke but I would recommend trying it. Let me know if you have any other remedies.

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  1. hi shelby! so sorry to hear of your migraines. a dear friend of mine says acupunture has helped her. i am beaming loving light your way as i write! as for the business of purses, i espec. love the dazzling lanna one! &, i am so intrigued by the inspiration you noted to me recently/i'll stay tuned. peace & rest to your sweet head.x