Friday, 14 January 2011



 I'm not sure what's happening to my work. I have either painted in acrylics or created collages for years now. I've never really had enough patience for watercolours but that's all I have wanted to use lately. I think that all the research I have been doing for my art classes have sent me on a different route. I am drawn to realistic work at the moment and feel compelled to paint the natural things that I find on my walks. It may take a while to find my own watercolour style or maybe I'll move onto something else. I'll try and go with the flow even though it feels a bit weird!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

7 Random Things

 I've been awarded a 'Stylish Blog' award by the very kind Jenny Blair, writer of the fab 'Love and Peas' (pssst, there's a giveaway over there at the mo) blog and so I am going to share 7 Random Facts about myself  ( why not?!) and I will be forwarding the award on to 7 more 'Stylish Blogs'.

1.There seems to be a thing for naming kids after cars in my family. That's me above, the Shelby Mustang. (Mustang would've been a much cooler middle name than Michelle, c'mon mum!) My cousin is called Austin Healey.
2. I live on a little island called Tenerife. I came here on a whim 8 years ago with my boys and a rucksack each. We've been here ever since.

3. When I was little I was sure that if you unscrewed your belly button, your bottom would fall off. (My brother said he'd seen it happen.)

4.My son is a giant. 6'4" aged 14, yikes. If his feet grow any bigger I'm gonna have to start making his shoes.

5. I would love, love, love any one of these beautiful creatures as a pet.

6. My first crush was on Adam Ant, wasn't yours? I'm sure I had this actual picture on my wall. 

My next was Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder. ?!

7. Rainbows make me smile. Double rainbow are pure magic.

My Stylish Blog awards go to

Rachel Awes All I Did Was Listen
La Marquise des Anges 

I hope you all can play along and share 7 random facts.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Painting Cacti and Succulents

Been out walking again

So Lucky!

Like. Wow.

Baby Ghosts

Tiny Cacti. My latest craze. Not like they're in any shortage on this island.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Etsy Goodness

I am in such a lovely treasury wonderfully curated by wehrhouse. It made me feel all spring like and happy!!

I have also worked back into a painting that I felt needed a little more depth. I added some collage elements. What do you think?