Wednesday, 12 January 2011

7 Random Things

 I've been awarded a 'Stylish Blog' award by the very kind Jenny Blair, writer of the fab 'Love and Peas' (pssst, there's a giveaway over there at the mo) blog and so I am going to share 7 Random Facts about myself  ( why not?!) and I will be forwarding the award on to 7 more 'Stylish Blogs'.

1.There seems to be a thing for naming kids after cars in my family. That's me above, the Shelby Mustang. (Mustang would've been a much cooler middle name than Michelle, c'mon mum!) My cousin is called Austin Healey.
2. I live on a little island called Tenerife. I came here on a whim 8 years ago with my boys and a rucksack each. We've been here ever since.

3. When I was little I was sure that if you unscrewed your belly button, your bottom would fall off. (My brother said he'd seen it happen.)

4.My son is a giant. 6'4" aged 14, yikes. If his feet grow any bigger I'm gonna have to start making his shoes.

5. I would love, love, love any one of these beautiful creatures as a pet.

6. My first crush was on Adam Ant, wasn't yours? I'm sure I had this actual picture on my wall. 

My next was Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder. ?!

7. Rainbows make me smile. Double rainbow are pure magic.

My Stylish Blog awards go to

Rachel Awes All I Did Was Listen
La Marquise des Anges 

I hope you all can play along and share 7 random facts.


  1. oh, shelby! thank you & i am so honored to
    be on a list from beauuuuuuuuutiful you!
    if i was more w/it, i'd too create a list
    & you'd be on it for sure! knoooooow you
    are on my heart list w/loooove! xoxox

  2. Ahhh Thankyou Shelby : ) I agree with Rachel, you would be the top of my 7! I'm going to play along now and forward it on to another 7 stylish bloggers! xx

  3. Heehee!! I've so loved reading your 7 things..oooh Adam could i have forgotten about him! Ok so he was my 2nd crush :)
    Thankyou for the mention of the giveaway toooooo! Big hugsXX

  4. Wow, Thanks so much Shelby!!! What a great list to be on and to be picked by you!! It's great to learn about you from your random things, I'm fascinated by the move to the island with your boys!.... I will work this week to pass it on...
    Best wishes xo

  5. Thanks Shelby for mentioning me. I really enjoyed the post and the photographs. I guess if Tenerife ever sinks you´ll all be able to use one of Quinn´s shoes, no need to ask who´ll be wanting the other......:)