Sunday, 24 October 2010


'Racing' for Illustration Friday. This is a paper collage. I never had a go kart but I wished I did and don't you just love those old gumball machines?

On a different note, I'm an avid follower of the Smitten Kitchen blog and just had to try out this recipe for Cauliflower Cake. I admit it sounds a bit dodgy, cauliflower and cake don't go, right? Wrong. This was and still is (2 days later) delicious. It looks like a thick omelette at first but on day two the texture is decidedly cakey. Even my meat eating men raved over it. I didn't have the black sesame seeds but it worked well without.

And for dessert, I've been wanting to make some Millionaire's Shortbread for ages. This stuff is insanely sweet, I dare anyone to attempt to eat more than a tiny morsel.



  1. adorable racer. love the giant bubblegum machine...ooh, i will have to pop over to the Smitten Kitchen...great name for a blog, too!

  2. Great collage, but more importantly the food, hmmm! I am on for the dare if you have any cake left.............

  3. Love the retro feel to your work.

  4. i love your collage
    an overflowing handful of gumballs amount
    & all your goodies here
    & within you.