Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Illustration Friday 'Giant'

My submission for Illustration Friday,'Giant'as in giant hills like the one we climbed up to watch sunset the other evening...

It was really stunning, though I did feel a little queasy at the top, it's a long way down....


  1. WOOW!! * the last photo is stunning! and also the first and the second one xD ahahah! and I love the colors in your drawing :) seems to be a magic world

  2. what goes through your eyes & then through your heart & soul & out your hand is breathtaking.
    & w/your version, there is no quesyness at the top...only flying.
    (& that last photo is AMAZING).

  3. Hi Shelby,
    Your art works are glorious and full of joy. I enjoyed spending some time on your great blog.
    ps: I would be huffing and puffing up that hill!