Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good Stuff

Found via Audrey Hepburn Complex wow, that girl has such good taste

Zalita's Flickr stream ( I think I need to bake some cupcakes!)

Hand Tranfers from Cox and Cox

Cat Cafes are increasingly popular in Japan. I found this fascinating ...'In an increasingly childless and aging nation, cat cafes fill a void. The more fortunate Japanese are the middle-aged couples who cradle Dachshunds like grandchildren at car dealerships and the young women who hand feed their Maltese puppies on park benches. For those who live with long work hours, no-pet apartments and work-related travel, there are cat cafes.' Just look at those attentive cats, I'd like to think they are listening to a wonderful fairy tale but I reckon someones got some tasty food there.

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  1. i'd love a sleep on THAT bed (& to wake up to a cupcake!!). great pics! love satelliting your way.xo