Sunday, 9 May 2010

Illustration Friday ' Fearless'

This is my submission for Illustration Friday. This weeks theme is 'Fearless'. I played around with inks for the background on this one as I often go for a plain white or solid colour.

I spent a while this morning looking through some of my favourite childrens book illustrators. Here are just a few that I find hugely inspiring.

The wonderful Mary Blair.

The fabulous Don Madden.

The amazing Brian Wildsmith.


  1. Love your Fearless illo, the colours and technique are gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely illustration...technique works really well!

  3. are there lions in the Canary Islands or you used your imagination

  4. Emily and Rebeka, thanks for your kind comments.

    No Lili, nothing as scary as a lion here in the Canaries, lots of lizards though for my cats to nibble on. I save them when I can!

  5. I love your lion - and the colors you have in this illustration. The backround turned out GREAT!

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