Friday, 28 May 2010

The Animal Alphabet Challenge and Cat Health

I thought my D is for dog was looking a little too realistic to sit with my other animals so I have redone D with a colourful, patterned duck. I was trying to keep my palette neutral but the pink just sneaked in there.

On a happy note my cat seems a lot perkier and looks like he'll pull through. We very nearly lost him to 
Feline hepatic lipidosis  He had only gone without eating for a few days but his liver had turned fatty in that short time probably due to an earlier pancreatic problem that hadn't been diagnosed. If you have a cat it's worth reading the link above. Here is Jeremy with funny socks on and a saggy little shaved belly.


  1. I like the animal alphabet challenge. Is this something a group of bloggers is doing? Your collages are sweet! That elephant is endearing!! I like the pattern on the duck, too. And I'm glad your kitty is feeling better.

  2. Im loving the animal alphabet as well! Can I join in? :)

    Glad Jeremy is better! My cat died from liver failure a couple of years ago and I still miss him!

  3. Hi Ann Marie. The animal alphabet is a challenge I set myself as I rarely use animals in my work, apart from my cats of course! Thank you for your sweet words :)

  4. Hi Emily, yes please do join in, that would be cool!
    I'm sorry about your poor cat, they are such lovely creatures aren't they.

  5. Great! I get some great ideas and lots of inspiration from your blog, thanks Shelby!