Saturday, 18 September 2010


I knew my new job as an art teacher would take up an awful lot of time and prevent me from producing my own work for a while, and it does, but I am loving it so much and the research is one of the best parts. I'm learning all sorts of things and discovering some wonderful artists. I have been doing some still life classes based on plants with the students and this led me to search Etsy for 'Botanical' under the art section. I found some lovelies. The gorgeous dark print above is by ashleyg. 

 These 'Magic Mushrooms' are by Illumino. I love the colours and shapes.

'Succulent' is an original by Leelaford. This shop is bursting with beautiful colourful pictures of plants and flowers.

LeiLiLaLoo is a favourite shop of mine and there is a sale going on at the mo. The pictures are so bright and cheery, such fun titles too, this one is 'Alice is Looking for her Dottie Dress'. Lovely!


  1. What beautiful pieces of work...thank you for sharing as you do your research. Your students are in for a treat with you leading them. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  2. Hi Shelby

    Great pieces of work and a wonderful opportunity in your teaching life to share your knowledge and love of art.


  3. These are lovely, I like the toadstools-really nice colours.

    Hope the teaching is going well :)